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FREE Webinar: Writing a Response Letter, with Expert Tips and Strategies

After waiting weeks (or months) for reviewer comments, you open your email to see an exciting yet daunting phrase: “revision requested.” How do you tackle this task? After browsing the reviews and requests for additional data, discussion, analyses and limitations, you wonder: did the reviewers understand my paper? How do I respond to all the comments? Where will I find the time to respond?

Join Dr. Avriel Licciardi and Dr. Clark Holdsworth during LetPub’s upcoming webinar on Friday, April 17, as they discuss how to properly adhere to response letter norms, address difficult reviewer comments, and write a compelling “response to reviewers” document—a critical component for avoiding journal rejection.

This webinar will feature:

Come prepared with questions to take advantage of the live chat and extensive Q&A session.

Not sure of your schedule? Register today to confirm you receive on-demand viewing of the entire webinar if you can’t tune in live.

Clark Holdsworth
Senior Associate Editor,

Clark Holdsworth is the Publishing Innovation Lead at Accdon-LetPub. After earning his doctorate in cardiovascular physiology at Kansas State University, he developed editorial and project management expertise in the author services sector. As Publishing Innovation Lead, Clark has spearheaded the asset search and product design for the launch of novel initiatives, such as Accdon-LetPub’s video summary services. He has unique insights into all aspects of scholarly publishing, including manuscript production, peer review management, and journal development.

Avriel Licciardi
Associate Editor, Accdon/LetPub

Prior to joining Accdon/LetPub as an Associate Editor, Avriel earned her Ph.D. in Geological Science from the University at Buffalo, in addition to her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Geology from the University of New Hampshire. Avriel has more than 12 years of research experience, including international travel and field expeditions, laboratory studies, and grant, outreach and manuscript writing expertise. In addition to publishing nine peer-reviewed articles in a variety of scientific journals, Avriel has participated in 32 conference presentations. Throughout her career, Avriel has gained an intimate understanding of the publication needs of and challenges faced by authors and is committed to helping researchers succeed by ensuring every author’s work receives the attention it deserves.

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