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Welcome to the LetPub CORE
The CORE is a hub for all of LetPub’s educational and reference materials.
It functions as a central service for authors, editors, universities, publishers and all other members of the scientific community to access the information and resources that they need, when they need them.
The CORE is designed to provide fast and convenient access to actionable information covering a variety of scientific communication topics.
Journal Selector
Explore an easy-to-navigate database of detailed journal information, with helpful journal reviews and ratings from colleagues.
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Learning Nexus
Access a wealth of research articles written by our talented editorial team that cover all manner of issues you’ll deal with in scientific publishing.
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Publisher Portal
An exclusive tool for publishers, this portal offers free dashboard access to the LetPub traffic data for all of your journals.
For Publishers
Testimonials of our authors —
I use LetPub’s Journal Selector all the time. It helps me navigate and sort out the journals that are most suitable for my paper. It’s also fun and immensely helpful to learn about other researchers’ publishing experiences.
Just back from the scientific writing workshop in Shanghai. Thank you for hosting the event! In particular, I appreciated the 1-on-1 suggestions that the professor gave me after the seminar.
A great collection of articles on scientific writing. Extremely practical!

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