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Grant Editing provides expert scientific consultation for your proposal. We ensure that your proposal receives language revision, as well as expert review and suggestions from a senior editor in your field (PhD or MD); each editor has a track record of successful grant submissions with major funding agencies. For flexibility, we offer two service options. The Essentials Level provides a complete, accurate language edit and a scientific evaluation of your proposal, while the Signature Level extends this evaluation to include a rigorous scientific edit of the proposal and extensive suggestions for improvement via our Editor Commentary document. This ensures that your proposal meets high writing standards in English and provides detailed revisions and suggestions for the proposal’s structure and the scientific rigor of the proposed experiments and analyses, as well as review of the accuracy and novelty of the impact statements. The ultimate goal of Grant Editing is to increase the likelihood of a successful grant submission by improving readability, clarity, and scientific rigor, as well as ensuring that the proposal meets all of your funder’s requirements and expectations.

Our Service

Our editors will
Perform our Language Editing service
Provide a rigorous evaluation of your proposal according to our    scoring criteria
Identify errors, omissions, and deficiencies that would otherwise be    used by reviewers to reject your proposal
Perform our comprehensive Scientific Editing service
Provide a rigorous evaluation of your proposal according to our scoring    criteria with comments, suggestions, and questions that critique and    improve the quality of your work
Improve clarity and rigor of your scientific logic, hypotheses, literature    review, methodology, and statistical analysis
Identify and correct errors, omissions, and deficiencies that would    otherwise be used by reviewers to reject your proposal
Complete formatting according to the guidelines of your funder
You will receive
Improvements to the text for a clear and accurate proposal
A track changed Word document with in-line revisions
The LetPub Proposal Scoresheet
Quality control and editorial oversight of your proposal by a
   US-based senior associate editor
Improvements to the text for a clear, accurate, and scientifically    rigorous proposal
A track changed Word document with in-line revisions and comments    that identify and correct language and scientific concerns
A full Editor Commentary file that addresses all
   potentially significant reviewer concerns and criticisms and provides    scientific feedback from your editor
The LetPub Proposal Scoresheet
Full guidance on missing or incomplete components according
   to your funder’s formatting requirements
Quality control and editorial oversight of your proposal by a
   US-based senior associate editor
Starting at $195

Starting at $515

5-7 business days

7-13 business days

Our Guarantee

Our track record allows us to offer the following guarantee: If the client accepts all recommended changes and the document is still rejected solely for errors in punctuation, spelling, or grammar, then LetPub will re-edit the document for free or provide a full refund of the editing service.
* Material added to your manuscript after the document is returned to the client or otherwise inaccessible by LetPub is not included in this guarantee.


Professor Jenifer Shafer

Colorado School of Mines

I was very happy with the prompt and clear communication with Kathryn and her team at LetPub. We needed to get a journal cover published on a quick turnaround and they offered the best price point and clearest communication of turnaround times I could find. The journal cover itself was FANTASTIC! I’m happy to recommend them (and use them!) for future journal covers.

Stefano Andrianello

University of Verona Hospital Trust: The Pancreas Institute

LetPub was great! I asked for a complete scientific editing and, despite the issues of Covid-19 pandemic, the service was extremely efficient. We needed to sort out the confusion about a new research line of pancreatic surgery. This is why we decided to write a systematic review that included dozens of extremely heterogeneous researches. What resulted was a complete and meticulous article, but similar to a "Tower of Babel" difficult to read and appreciate in its original form. During the whole process, the communications specialist’s attitude was excellent: immediate response to all requests, continuous support even after the end of the service and an incredible kindness (which is not obvious). The quality of the editing was wonderful and the article completely changed its "face" allowing us to publish it in an excellent surgical journal.

Viktor Kukhar

Ural State Agrarian University

We prepared a scientific publication and sent it to a scientific journal, but there were problems with the English language. The editors of this journal recommended LetPub’s services, so we decided to give LetPub a try. Office Coordinator Marise Facher was very responsive and answered all questions. The specialists at LetPub performed very good work on our article. They amended the text and provided explanations. Very good service. Many thanks!

Xiaodong Wang

Tianjin Medical University General Hospital

The editors of LetPub are very meticulous and professional. This is the second time I have chosen LetPub and I recommend it to my peers. I give a sincere praise, and I am ready for the third time.

Kaipeng Wang

South China Normal University

LetPub's service is very good. They are all modified for native English-speaking professionals. After the modification, the language of the article was much smoother, which solves the grammar problem of my article well.

Hongmei Zheng

Tangshan Normal University

I am very grateful to LetPub for its editing of papers, professional language modification and timely feedback of papers. I look forward to cooperating with LetPub again in the future.

Liqiang Yin

Fudan University

LetPub's paper editing service is very professional, and my articles got published successfully thanks to the help of LetPub.

Weitao Yang

Tongji University

LetPub is quick, the customer service is good, and the quality of the polished articles is great. The article was successfully accepted by the editorial department!

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