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Time is precious to every researcher. Researchers who are not native English speakers have to spend extra hours composing manuscripts in a language that is not their first language, at the expense of value-generating tasks such as applying for grants and designing and performing experiments. LetPub’s Professional Translation Service allows clients to conserve their time and energy by translating manuscripts written in the authors’ native languages into publication-ready English.

LetPub’s translation team is composed of a network of professional researchers from many fields. All of our translators hold advanced degrees or research training from top U.S. universities. LetPub uses an internal cross-matching system to assign manuscripts to translators with relevant academic backgrounds to ensure that each one is accurately interpreted and elegantly organized. Each manuscript is then passed on to a language editor who polishes the wording to ensure that the paper reads naturally in English. Finally, each paper is reviewed by a managing editor in a third round of editing to ensure quality.

Papers are returned to the clients in excellent condition, and the paper still accurately expresses the original arguments made and conclusions drawn by their authors.

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For each manuscript submitted for the translation service, LetPub will select three editors to complete the task. The first editor will be a bilingual expert in the corresponding field of research, who will translate your manuscript into English. To express the intent of your manuscript accurately, this editor may ask for clarifications when necessary. The second is a native-English-speaking expert with extensive experience in scientific writing. The third editor is a managing editor, who is responsible for the final QC (quality control) check.

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