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LetPub Journal Cover Art, Nanoscale Horizons
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Chemical Communications
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Acccounts of chemical research

LetPub Journal Cover Art, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Electrophorisis
LetPub Journal Cover Art, ACS OMEGA

LetPub Journal Cover Art, Plateau Meteorology
LetPub Journal Cover Art, JAAS
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Trends in Biotechnology

LetPub Journal Cover Art, Food & Function
LetPub Journal Cover Art, JCI, The Journal of Clinical Investigation
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Med Comm

LetPub Journal Cover Art, Advanced Healthcare Material
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Environmental Science & Technology
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Showcase Research from Professor Ming Miao's Laboratory

LetPub Journal Cover Art, PCCP
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Journal of Material Chemistry C
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Showcasing research from professor Chen Yang and professor Guoqiang Li's laboratory

LetPub Journal Cover Art, nature biomedical engineer
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Nano Micro Small
LetPub Journal Cover Art, PCCP

LetPub Journal Cover Art, Advanced Optical Materials
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Electrophorisis
LetPub Journal Cover Art, General Psychiatry

LetPub Journal Cover Art, Journal of medicinal chemistry
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Environmental Science and Technology
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Transparent Heaters: Fabrication of High‐Performance Silver Mesh for Transparent Glass Heaters via Electric‐Field‐Driven Microscale 3D Printing and UV‐Assisted Microtransfer

LetPub Journal Cover Art, Flexible microsphere-coupled surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (McSERS) by dielectric microsphere cavity array with random plasmonic nanoparticles
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Discovery of Novel Bicyclic Imidazolopyridine-Containing Human Urate Transporter 1 Inhibitors as Hypouricemic Drug Candidates with Improved Efficacy and Favorable Druggability
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Low-Temperature Solution-Processed Transparent QLED Using Inorganic Metal Oxide Carrier Transport Layers

LetPub Journal Cover Art, Strategy for Mitigating Antibiotic Resistance by Biochar and Hyperaccumulators in Cadmium and Oxytetracycline Co-contaminated Soil
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Strategy for Mitigating Antibiotic Resistance by Biochar and Hyperaccumulators in Cadmium and Oxytetracycline Co-contaminated Soil
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Toxicity of 17 Disinfection By-products to Different Trophic Levels of Aquatic Organisms: Ecological Risks and Mechanisms

LetPub Journal Cover Art, Overhauling the assessment of agrochemical-driven interferences with microbial communities for improved global ecosystem integrity
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Advances on the Use of Graphene as a Label for Electrochemical Biosensors
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Fiber-Tip Polymer Microcantilever for Fast and Highly Sensitive Hydrogen Measurement

LetPub Journal Cover Art, Phosphine‐Based Covalent Organic Framework for the Controlled Synthesis of Broad‐Scope Ultrafine Nanoparticles
LetPub Journal Cover Art, A novel in vivo Cerenkov luminescence image‐guided surgery on primary and metastatic colorectal cancer
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Magnetic Enhancement of Chondrogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

LetPub Journal Cover Art, A series of energetic cyclo-pentazolate salts: rapid synthesis, characterization, and promising performance
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Dissolved Oxygen and Visible Light Irradiation Drive the Structural Alterations and Phytotoxicity Mitigation of Single-Layer Molybdenum Disulfide
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Enabling separation intensification of a lanthanide pair with closely similar kinetics based on droplet microfluidics: hydrodynamic and kinetic approaches

LetPub Journal Cover Art, A Mitochondrial DNA Variant Elevates the Risk of Gallstone Disease by Altering Mitochondrial Function
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Boric Acid as a Novel Homogeneous Catalyst Coupled with Ru/C for Hydrodeoxygenation of Phenolic Compounds and Raw Lignin Oil
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Institute

LetPub Journal Cover Art, Diastereoselective construction of the benzannulated spiroketal core of chaetoquadrins enabled by a regiodivergent cascade
LetPub Journal Cover Art, Cohort Network: A Knowledge Graph toward Data Dissemination and Knowledge-Driven Discovery for Cohort Studies

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Ectopic clotting factor VIII expression and misfolding in heptocytes as a cause for hepatocellular carcinoma.

Oral enzyme combination with bromelain, trypsin and the flavonoid rutoside reduces systemic inflammation and pain when used pre- and post-operatively in elective total hip replacement: A randomised exploratory placebo-controlled trial

What Lies Beneath? Taking the Plunge into the Murky Water of Phage Biology

Perioperative supplemental oxygen and postoperative nausea and vomiting: Sub-analysis of a trial, systematic review, and meta-analysis

Encapsulation dynamic of neuromuscular blocking drugs by sugammadex

Mitral Repair With Complete Rings or Posterior Bands in Barlow Disease: Long-term Results

Georgia Tech McDonald Cancer Lab Clinical Trial Candidate: siRNA Nanohydrogel Therapy for Chemo-resistant Ovarian Cancer.
Custom animation by LetPub for VentureLab, Georgia Institute of Technology

Socioeconomic Distress Associated with Increased Use of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Over Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

Mechanical power ratio and respiratory treatment escalation in COVID-19 pneumonia: a secondary analysis of a prospectively enrolled cohort.

GABAergic signaling during spinal cord stimulation reduces cardiac arrhythmias in a porcine model

Association of Preoperative Growth Differentiation Factor-15 Concentrations and Postoperative Cardiovascular Events after Major Noncardiac Surgery

Essential Surgical Plan Modifications After Virtual Reality Planning in 50 Consecutive Segmentectomies

Deep Isoflurane Anesthesia is Associated with Alterations in Ion Homeostasis and Specific Na+/K+-Atpase Impairment in the Rat Brain

The Aortic Root in Acute Type A Dissection: Repair or Replace?

Morphine and Hydromorphone Effects, Side Effects and Variability – a Crossover Study in Human Volunteers

Comparison Between Electronic and Traditional Chest Drainage Systems: A Multicenter Randomized Study

Epinephrine-induced Effects on Cerebral Microcirculation and Oxygenation Dynamics Using Multimodal Monitoring and Functional Photoacoustic Microscopy

Dreams come true as a goal keeper for achieving SDGs: Ten years achievements of the journal Infectious Diseases of Poverty

Custom animation samples
Custom animation by LetPub

3D animation samples
Custom animation by LetPub

History and Dynamics of the Greater Yellowstone Glacial System During The Last Two Glaciations
Quaternary Science Reviews
Licciardi, J.M. & Pierce, K.L. (2018)

Acute inhibition of ATP-sensitive K+ channels impairs skeletal muscle vascular control in rats during treadmill
American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology
Holdsworth, C. T., Copp, S. W., Ferguson, S. K., Sims, G. E., Poole, D. C., & Musch, T. I. (2015)

Incidence rate of cardiovascular disease end points in NASA astronaut corps
Journal of the American Heart Association
Ade, C. J., Broxterman, R. M., Charvat, J. M., & Barstow, T. J. (2017)

A chitin film containing basic fibroblast growth factor with a chitin-binding domain as wound dressings
Carbohydrate Polymers
Wang, Y., Fu, C., Wu, Z., Chen, L., Chen, X., Wei, Y., & Zhang, P. (2017)

Risk of Surgical Mitral Valve Repair for Primary Mitral Regurgitation

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