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Expert Scientific Editing Service

The Expert Scientific Editing Service is LetPub’s premier manuscript editing service package. We ensure that each paper submitted for this service receives detailed revision and improvement advice from experts in the same field. The Expert Scientific Editing Service is performed on top of the Language Editing Service. It not only ensures that the edited manuscript meets high writing standards in fluid native English but also includes detailed suggestions and revisions of the manuscript’s structure, scientific logic, and experimental design by a senior researcher or professor in the corresponding discipline. The ultimate goal of Scientific Editing is to increase the likelihood of publication on the basis of available experimental results.

Our Expert Scientific Editing team brings together experts from the fields of clinical medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, agriculture, forestry, engineering, astronomy, earth and environmental sciences, humanities, commerce, and many other disciplines. They have all worked in or graduated from top research institutions and schools in the United States, such as Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Pennsylvania. More importantly, these members have extensive experience in publishing both research and review articles, and they often serve as reviewers for various scientific journals. In order to further improve the quality of the manuscript, you have the opportunity to enter into close communication with our editors. Our professional editor will answer your questions regarding modification of your manuscript and put forward constructive suggestions to improve its overall quality.

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Our Guarantee

When you choose LetPub’s Expert Scientific Editing Service, your manuscript will be thoroughly edited and improved by three editors, a language editor for grammar and punctuation, a subject expert editor for scientific phrasing, logic flow and structure, and a managing editor for a final round of scrutiny to ensure quality.

Our track record allows us to offer the following guarantee: If the client accepts all recommended changes and the paper is still rejected by a journal solely for English language reasons, LetPub will re-edit the document for free.

* Material added to the manuscript after the document is returned to the client or otherwise inaccessible to LetPub is not included in this guarantee.

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Service Pricing Chart

Expert Scientific Editing Service
10 business days 7 business days 5 business days
fewer than 1500 words $415 $528 $612
1500~3000 words $556 $669 $753
3001~4000 words $697 $809 $894
4001~5000 words $767 $880 $964
5001~6000 words $837 $950 $1034
6001~7500 words $908 $1020 $1105
7501~10000 words $1020 $1133 $1217
More than 10000 words $106/1000 words $115/1000 words $127/1000 words

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