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UPDATED: LetPub fee waiver for editorial services to benefit research on the novel coronavirus


April 2, 2020

LetPub has had an overwhelmingly positive result for free editing services regarding COVID-19 with >250 successful projects. However, the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and the global community is seeing an increase in social disruption—though plateauing of cases in some early-struck regions shows the promise of social intervention.

As such, LetPub will extend its free-service coverage for manuscripts focused on COVID-19 through the month of April. “Unfortunately, COVID-19 remains a global issue. While the problem has not gone away, neither will LetPub’s support. As a member of the scientific community, we will continue to leverage our editorial services—free of charge—in the fight against COVID-19,” explains Dr. Clark Holdsworth, Research Communications Manager.

Applicable researchers can mention this fee waiver in the notes to us when placing a service order.

*Waiver applicable to language editing only. Papers requesting a 2 or 3-day turnaround or over 6,000 words will require discounted payment.

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Look for new content from LetPub on the Learning Nexus concerning these and other important issues in 2020.

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