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Follow the Instructions: The Importance of Meeting the Journal’s Requirements for Manuscript Preparation

In Boston, which is notorious for its irreverent drivers, residents jokingly refer to stop signs and speed limits as traffic “suggestions” rather than directions. However, rolling through a stop sign in the presence of a police officer will get you nowhere but pulled over. The same goes for ignoring a journal’s Author Instructions. A submitted manuscript that fails to adhere to a journal’s requirements will be flagged and returned to the author before it has a chance to move forward. Don’t be a careless driver! In other words, don’t throw away the enormous amount of time and effort you spent on your research by attempting to speed through the final gate. Slow down and consider the following points and basic tips.

In short: Follow the directions to ensure that your research article get the green light to move past the first journal checkpoint and on to the desk of an editor.

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