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Journal Submission and Publication Fees: A Review

When searching for the ideal target journal for your manuscript, it is easy to become overwhelmed not only by the number of suitable journals, but also by the potential fees required for submission and publication. Therefore, in this article, we summarize the most common costs associated with the publishing process in peer-reviewed journals.

Most submission and publication fees can be grouped into two categories: pre-publication and post-acceptance. In general, pre-publication fees, which include submission or membership fees, are less common. As an author, you are more likely to encounter post-acceptance fees, such as a page fee or an article processing charge, which may either stand alone or be charged in addition to a submission fee. Below we provide a brief overview of the most commontypes of manuscript submission and publication fees within these two categories.

Pre-publication fees

Post-acceptance fees

Lastly, it always best to check a specific journal’s or publisher’s website to obtain the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding publishing fees and/or explanations about open access options.

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