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[BIOMEDICINE & PHARMACOTHERAPY]Hello, you are Visitor Number 31804 on this page.

Journal Profile
Journal Title AbbreviationsBIOMED PHARMACOTHER
CiteScoreSJRSNIPCiteScore Rank
Subject fieldQuartilesRankPercentile
Category: Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics
Subcategory: Pharmacology
Q126 / 297

Self-Citation Ratio (2019-2020)4.50%
Official Websitehttp://www.journals.elsevier.com/biomedicine-and-pharmacotherapy/
Online Manuscript Submissionhttps://www.editorialmanager.com/BIOPHA
Open AccessNo
Subject AreaMedicine
Country/Area of PublicationFRANCE
Publication FrequencyMonthly
Year Publication Started1982
Annual Article Volume1403
Indexing (SCI or SCIE)Science Citation Index
Science Citation Index Expanded
Link to PubMed Central (PMC)https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nlmcatalog?term=0753-3322%5BISSN%5D
Average Duration of Peer Review *Authorized Data from Publisher:
Data from Authors: Average 2 Month(s)
Data from Elsevier: Average 7 Week(s)
Competitiveness *Data from Authors: About 50%
Online Article Publication TimeData from Elsevier: Average 3 Week(s)
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*All review process metrics, such as acceptance rate and review speed, are limited to our user-submitted manuscripts. As such they may not reflect the journals' exact competitiveness or speed.
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  Reviews on BIOMEDICINE & PHARMACOTHERAPY: Write a review
Author: 娟娟是个甜橙子

Subject Area: Medicine
Duration of Peer Review: 1.0 month(s)
Result: Accepted after revision

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Reviewed 2020-02-17 09:17:59
A major revision was required half a month after submission. Part of the data that required to supplement had been done previously, but it was not used because we felt it was inappropriate to be included. When the reviewer asked me to supplement it, I finished completing the data within a week. I was notified an acceptance by my advisor half a month after the revision submitted. The page fee of $2,800 was too expensive. My advisor was also shocked when he knew it, but he still reimbursed the expenses. Oh, yes, I feel that publication depends on luck, and you should also be willing to spend money...

(2) Thank | 娟娟是个甜橙子

Author: 兔小白

Subject Area: Medicine
Duration of Peer Review: 3.0 month(s)
Result: Accepted after revision

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Reviewed 2019-11-12 10:59:14
2019.07.21, submitted the manuscript; 2019.07.29, with editor; 2019.08.10, under review; 2019.10.03, revision; 2019.10.25, under review; 2019.11.04, required reviews completed; 2019.11.06 accept; 2019.11.09 proof. Maybe it was because there were too many visits to this journal, or too many manuscripts, the system was shutting down for maintenance. So, the article was changed to the new system at the end. At the same time, thanks to LetPub for helping me revise some of the language issues, and it has also been approved by the editor.

(2) Thank | 兔小白

Author: 顺子

Subject Area: Medicine
Duration of Peer Review: 1.0 month(s)
Result: Accepted after revision

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Reviewed 2019-04-02 14:48:50
This journal is about to become the next Medicine or PLoS One. In 2016, 725 articles were published throughout the year, and it expanded to 1625 in 2017, and 1844 in 2018. Besides, since the end of last year it began to charge US$2800 per page, the impact factor will definitely fall and it might get a bad reputation. But the IF coming out this year may still be close to 4. I just wrote a review paper of less than 7 pages in February, and it was returned within one month, and got accepted soon after revisions. It is estimated that the number of articles published this year exceeds 2000, and about 50% of the articles are from the mainland China major in medicine.

(26) Thank | 顺子

Author: Matthew麦麸

Subject Area: Medicine
Duration of Peer Review: 1.0 month(s)
Result: Accepted after revision

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Reviewed 2018-09-20 13:36:05
I have only positive comments about Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy. The review speed is fast; one typically receives reviews in less than one month. Furthermore, there are no page layout fees, and the editor is professional, timely and helpful throughout the review process.

(3) Thank | Matthew麦麸

Author: fengfenghaha

Subject Area: Medicine
Duration of Peer Review: 1.0 month(s)
Result: Accepted after revision

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Reviewed 2019-02-22 00:53:29
Relatively good submitment, one month overhaul, make up the experiment, after repairingReceived in one week.
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(1) Thank | fengfenghaha

Author: 313263788@qq.com

Subject Area: Medical Science
Duration of Peer Review: 3.0 month(s)
Result: Accepted directly

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Reviewed 2017-11-24 12:18:30
This journal is very fast and has a high quality.It takes 3 months from submission to reception.However, the preliminary work should be serious, and the content of the article should be considered. It is best to polish it.The content should be novel, and articles related to clinical medication are easy to accept.
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(3) Thank | 313263788@qq.com

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