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Why Partner with LetPub

Peer-reviewed publications and conferences demand the very best in science, logic, organization, clarity, and correct English. Language and scientific presentation standards can pose problems for even the best researchers and authors.

As a professional organization, you can't accept "good enough." We don't either. Your work is our work, and we optimize every manuscript, presentation, book chapter, ebook, and image to maximize its impact.

Why Partner with LetPub
  • Rigorous internal review and quality control ensure compliance with relevant guidelines and style standards.
  • Consistency in meeting deadlines reduces turnaround time.
Author Trust
  • Tens of thousands of international authors have trusted LetPub to help them overcome the challenges in preparing high-quality manuscripts.
  • Our US-based editorial team is composed of 700+ editors and translators with publication and peer-review experience.
Flexible Scale
  • We offer flexibility in accepting modest to large-scale projects.
  • Custom partnership programs with advanced solutions allow seamless integration into publication portals, expanding service offerings for international authors.
Localization Expertise
  • With headquarters in Boston and an office in Shanghai, we possess in-depth understanding of culture and business conduct in fast-growing, emerging markets.
  • We are experienced in collaborating with international institutions and national academies to provide author education and outreach programs.

We are delighted to support your organization and provide the best author services and engagement worldwide. Please use the form below to send us an inquiry.

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