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Author Outreach & Resources

Often, authors do not fully understand a journal's requirements and publication ethics. They may struggle to navigate the publication process. It becomes time-consuming for journals and publishers to communicate with authors and guide them through the process. LetPub can help you bridge this gap.

We collaborate with international research institutions, journals, publishers, and societies to offer educational workshops. Our experienced trainers and publication experts understand author challenges and can customize their training materials for any audience.

Workshops & Seminars

We deliver workshops and seminars to major international institutions to help authors from all over the world learn to write publishable, meaningful material that contributes to their research fields.


An online seminar with interactive Q&A is a convenient alternative to multi-venue workshop tours. Common seminar topics include improving scientific writing, understanding publication ethics, and tackling the publication process.

Online Resources

We host an extensive library of online resources that can answer your authors' questions about academic writing. We also offer an outstanding journal selection tool to help authors connect with journals and discover new publications.

We actively coach international researchers on scientific writing.

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