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Contemporary Concepts in Publishing

Staying Up to Date with Publishing News and Trends


Kathryn Muehlberger, Client Communications Specialist

January 2022

The world of academic publishing is ever-changing, especially in response to recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. While keeping current with news may feel overwhelming, there are many options to assist you in staying informed. Read on below for key resources.

The Scholarly Kitchen

The Society for Scholarly Publishing’s (SSP) blog, ‘The Scholarly Kitchen,’ posts articles, interviews, and trending news stories focusing on topics such as scholarly publishing, higher education, and professional career development. The writers behind these posts are styled as ‘chefs’ and have extensive experience in the topical content that they author. The purpose of creating The Scholarly Kitchen was to keep SSP members and other interested groups “aware of new developments in publishing.” If interested, you can access The Scholarly Kitchen via their website or their Twitter page. You can also subscribe to their emailing list to receive email notifications for each new blog post. Like to listen to your news? Visit their website and browse their podcast episodes.

What’s New in Publishing

As the title states, ‘What’s New in Publishing’ is a website that posts trending publishing news. Their topics are more about the publishing industry as a whole, such as digital innovation, advertising and financial news from magazines, newspapers, and digital publishing. They also cover topics such as ‘12 ways to overcome common innovation roadblocks’ and ‘How publishers can get the best of AI: Research findings.’ What’s New in Publishing is a great way to gain perspective on the digital publishing industry. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and their LinkedIn group.


LinkedIn is a social media networking platform that can be used to keep up with relevant and trending topics, in addition to profiling your career and employment history. You can search using hashtags like #academia or #openaccess to find new and relevant articles that may interest you. You also can follow the hashtags or pages, to ensure all corresponding stories appear on your LinkedIn feed, allowing you to stay informed more easily. Any articles or posts that your LinkedIn connections like, comment, or share will also show up on your feed, which may provide relevant news. Be sure to check out our Learning Nexus article on how to create a LinkedIn profile for Academia.

STM Publishing News

STM (Science, Technical, Medical) Publishing News is another website for all updates regarding global well-known publishers, institutions, and industry developments. They have sections devoted to Open Access, Editorial, Events, and Tech news. Another great feature their website includes is a live Twitter feed of all their institutions’ pages that is constantly updated and refreshed. Check out STM-Publishing on Twitter and their LinkedIn group.

These resources are great for staying up to date with relevant publishing news. Whether you prefer websites, social media, or podcasts, be sure to check these out for all the news you need.

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