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Organizational Spotlight

Spotlight on the Association for Women in Science


Dr. Danny M. D’Amore, Outreach Lead

March 2023

About the Association for Women in Science

The Association for Women in Science (AWIS) is a nonprofit organization centered around supporting women in all scientific disciplines and industries. AWIS states that as the “W” in AWIS stands for “women”, this includes women of color, women from all socioeconomic backgrounds, women with disabilities, women who are cisgender and transgender, women who are queer, and individuals who do not identify with the gender binary; everyone is included in that “W”.

Core of AWIS

To help champion equity for women in both academia and the workplace, AWIS provides mentorship, education, networking opportunities, and leadership training. Their stated goals include achieving unbiased compensation without discrimination, respect and recognition for scientific achievements, promoting work-life balance, and increasing the visibility of role models for young women and early career scientists looking forward in their careers. They also provide advocacy resources for those who are encountering harassment, gender bias, caregiver exclusion, or racism in their workplace.

What AWIS offers

Members are provided with many resources, such as access to webinar series, scholarships for research and career reentry, and a calendar of events ranging from educational talks to virtual coffee hours for members to attended. Some of their webinars include series revolving around advocacy, hosted by seasoned leaders. They also work with corporate partners to increase gender diversity in the workplace by facilitating recruitment and retainment of women in STEM.

AWIS also provides career advancement opportunities with a job portal; this portal includes both full-time positions and internships for early career researchers. The portal allows for both job postings and applications for members and partners, as well as career coaches for job seekers. Some of their webinar series target career development, such as managerial skills or how to say ‘no’ in the workplace.

Outside of offering resources, AWIS also participates in coalitions such as the Science and Technology Action Committee to amplify the voices of their members. They publish statements and sign letters that pertain to women in STEM fields.

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