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Organizational Spotlight

Pursuing a Career in (Chemical) Science? Explore the American Chemical Society (ACS)


Andrés Pagán, Associate Editor

July 2022

About the ACS

The American Chemical Society (ACS) is a non-profit organization with the stated aim of advancing chemistry science and innovation for the betterment of society and the planet. As a non-profit organization, the ACS is engaged in finding solutions to public challenges including economic opportunity, energy and water availability, and environmental sustainability. As the largest scientific society in the world, with more than 150,000 members from more than 200 branches worldwide, the ACS is an essential organization for anyone interested in pursuing a career in chemistry specifically, or science generally.

Core of the ACS

The ACS’s objectives can be grouped into four broad categories: innovating through research and technology, promoting science education and a scientific workforce, advancing diversity in science, and driving sustainability of the environment. As a respected scientific organization, the ACS influences public and private sector industries to support underrepresented groups, protect intellectual property, and drive sustainability through applied scientific innovation. Crucially, the ACS is committed to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect.

What the ACS offers

Career advancement

The ACS provides an online job portal to help early-, mid-, or senior-career job seekers find employment opportunities. Additionally, the ACS provides workshops, webinars, skill assessments, and networking groups to help members advance their careers.

Funding and awards

The ACS also supports talented students and research professionals through grants, fellowships, and scholarships. These awards honor a wide range of talent from young students to technicians and postdoctoral researchers.

Meetings and events

Every year, the ACS organizes several international meetings that bring together scientists, researchers, students, and policy makers to share the latest science. Meetings organized by the ACS include “Sustainability in a Changing World,” “Harnessing the Power of Data,” “Elevating Chemistry,” and “Crossroads of Chemistry. ”

ACS Publications

The ACS publishes more than 75 quality, peer-reviewed, scientific journals. Moreover, ACS Publishing prioritizes rapid publication; the median time for journals to be published online is less than two weeks after being accepted. In addition, authors can choose to publish open access in any journal in the ACS catalog, increasing the visibility of research, while providing accessibility to a wider audience. In fact, the ACS portfolio includes 12 Gold open access journals, meaning articles are not subject to an embargo period. Through these practices, ACS journals publish research from around the world, attracting scientists from 5000 institutions and positioning the ACS as an essential organization in academic publishing.

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