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Scientific Editing Services, Manuscript Editing Service
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In agreement with Science series journals, use coupon code LPDC10 to receive 10% discount off the regular pricing.

We provide expert Language Editing services designed to identify and rectify any language deficiencies that your manuscript may have prior to submission, greatly improving the readiness for peer review and publication in prestigious journals worldwide, including the Science journals.

All of our language editors are native English speakers with long-term experience writing, editing, and reviewing scientific and technical papers in fields as varied as chemical, clinical, computer, engineering, environmental, life, mathematical, physical, and social sciences.

Our editors recommend appropriate changes to words and phrasing, improve fuzzy or ambiguous semantic statements, and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, helping native and non-native English speakers alike meet the expected language standards.

LetPub will provide a certificate to verify that a manuscript has been edited.
Our Scientific Editing service provides you with a detailed review from the keen eye of an expert in the particular field to ensure data lives up to scrutiny. Detailed suggestions and revisions of the manuscript's structure, scientific logic, and experimental design are provided by senior researchers or professors - experts with extensive experience in publishing both research and review articles who, in many cases, have served as reviewers for prestigious scientific journals.
Writing and editing is only part of making a manuscript publish-ready. Formatting is also a key part of the process. At LetPub, we offer a Publication Support service that removes the headache of converting text and figures into the correct format, enhancing even further your chances of being published in the world's leading titles. We format manuscripts that adhere to the required guidelines for each of the specific journals you have targeted, including:

  • Structure arrangement (e.g. title page, highlights, abstract, introduction, methods, results, etc.) and integrity review
  • Paragraph formatting (e.g. font size, line spacing, indentation, multi-level headings, bold and italic formatting, etc.), blank lines, and pagination
  • Reference formatting modification and review

Each paper submitted for manuscript formatting services will be edited in strict accordance with the guidelines of the target journal, ensuring the manuscript is fully compliant with the requirements for submission. Our figure formatting services help authors present professional figures and diagrams.

Note: Our figure formatting service is not intended to alter or provide interpretations of data or results.

Language Editing Service

7 business days 3 business days 48 hours
Fewer than 500 words $91 $99 $113
500~1500 words $197 $211 $243
1501~3000 words $352 $380 $437
3001~4000 words $394 $436 $502
4001~5000 words $436 $479 $550
5001~6000 words $493 $535 $599
6001~8000 words $563 $619 $683
More than 8000 words $77/1000 words $83/1000 words -
*If the author accepts all recommended changes, and the paper is still rejected by the journal solely for English language reasons, we will re-edit the document for free. Material added to the manuscript or revised after the document is returned to the Author is not included in this guarantee.
A key concern for any author is the protection of their intellectual property rights. At LetPub, we have multiple measures within our procedures that are designed to keep our clients' Intellectual Property safe and secure. All of our team members are legally bound by a Confidentiality Agreement forbidding the disclosure of any information (personal or content-related) to any third party.
LetPub is committed to providing unrivalled editorial services to all of our clients, and we are equally committed to upholding the highest ethical publishing standards. Our experienced editors are perfectly placed to offer author assistance in ensuring each manuscript satisfies these standards prior to publication. In doing so, our clients avoid any damaging consequences failure to meet those responsibilities might have on their professional reputations. Through our range of author education services, clients can learn the best practices for themselves.

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