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Safety and security of your manuscript

We understand the painstaking efforts that go into the creation of all the manuscripts submitted to LetPub. We understand the risks involved in the loss of intellectual property. LetPub has multiple measures in place to guarantee the safety and security of the intellectual property of our clients:

Systematic professional ethics requirements

Every member of the LetPub team has signed a legally binding confidentiality agreement forbidding the disclosure of any information (including personal information and the contents of the manuscript) to any third party. If any information is disclosed by LetPub editors to any third party, we will take appropriate legal action.

Security of information transmitted via the website

We use advanced network security measures, including access control, triple DES data encryption, network isolation, and PIX firewall technology, to ensure the security of information transferred via our website. The server itself has several additional layers of security. LetPub’s system engineers and network managers supervise the system in real time to guarantee network security.

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