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About Us

Our Company

LetPub is the flagship professional editing brand of Boston-based Accdon LLC. Boston has a long reputation as one of the world’s leading intellectual centers. It encompasses Harvard, MIT, and many other elite institutions. This geographic advantage has allowed LetPub to assemble a high-caliber editing team and develop a systematic quality assurance process that can accelerate the publication process. The mission of LetPub is to help international researchers eliminate language barriers, and see their work recognized and published in prestigious journals worldwide. Clients from Asia & the Pacific are serviced through our Shanghai office for easy communication.

LetPub Main office in Massachusetts and Office in Shanghai

Our Team

Specialist Language Editors

All of our language editors are native English speakers with long-term experience editing scientific and technical papers. They have professional or educational backgrounds in various fields, such as clinical studies, chemistry, physics, engineering, the life sciences, and the social sciences. Their skill with the English language and their abundant experience editing journal articles helps our clients fulfill reviewers’ strictest requirements, presenting papers in perfect, publication-ready English.

Seasoned Subject-expert Editors

Our subject-expert editors can both level the playing field with respect to language and improve organization and presentation. All our subject-expert editors are seasoned researchers who have long track records in the publication of both research and review articles. Many have served as reviewers and journal editors. Their insider view allows them to provide comments and constructive criticism that can be used to improve overall paper quality.

Professional Translators

LetPub’s translation team is composed of a network of professional researchers from many fields. All hold advanced degrees from elite U.S. universities. LetPub uses an internal cross-matching system to assign our client’s material to translators with relevant backgrounds to ensure that every piece is accurately interpreted and structurally elegant.

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