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Different journals tend to have different requirements regarding manuscript formatting. This is usually the last step before submission, but it can take up a large amount of time. Strict adherence to the journal guidelines makes a favorable first impression and reduces the likelihood that a journal will immediately reject a paper without first reading the text.

Do you experience any of the following challenges during formatting?

The process of formatting can be tedious, taking up a large amount of researchers’ time and energy. To address this, LetPub launched its Manuscript Formatting Service, which tailors your manuscript to a specific target journal, helping your manuscript progress in the journal review process.

Our Service

We format your manuscript using the LetPub professional formatting checklist to make sure your paper meets journal requirements. You will receive the following:

*This service does not cover word reduction, content supplementation, grammar and spelling inspection, figure formatting, or cover letter editing. Choose LetPub’s Language Editing or Figure Formatting Service packages for these related services.

Our Guarantee

Each paper submitted for manuscript formatting services will be edited in strict accordance with the guidelines of your target journal, making the manuscript fully compliant with the requirements for submission. If the client accepts all recommended changes and the paper is still rejected solely for formatting reasons, we will re-format it for free.

Success Stories

Service Pricing Chart

Formatting Service
Words* Time Price**
<3000 words 3 business days $150
3000-6000 words 3 business days $180
6000-10000 words
3 business days $200
>10000 words 3 business days $240

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