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Figure Preparation Service

Figure Formatting

A successfully crafted manuscript contains not only carefully edited text but also professionally presented figures and diagrams. Many journal reviewers believe that figure presentation is the second most important part of presentation during peer-review, coming only after the abstract.

Prior to publication, a scientific paper’s figures must be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the target journal, but different journals can have different formatting requirements, which can cover file format, layout, resolution, and other factors. Not all researchers have the ability or time to produce graphs and other images on par with the quality of their research. Generating professional-quality diagrams can require a great deal of time and energy. Therefore, LetPub launched a professional Figure Formatting Service to help researchers expedite the publication process using high-quality, precisely formatted figures.

Our Service*

We offer the following figure formatting services, depending on the type of image supplied:

1.High-resolution images (graphics and photos*, supported file formats: .tiff, .jpg, .png, .eps, .bmp, .psd, .gif, .pdf):

2. Tables containing completed calculations** (supported file formats: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel)

3. Editable Microsoft Excel charts (with linked table files)

4. Low-resolution flow charts and diagrams (including text boxes, lines, shapes, and arrows)

5. Flow charts, schematic sketches, and scanned manuscripts

Our Guarantee

Every figure submitted to the figure formatting service will be rendered in strict accordance with the target journal’s submission requirements by LetPub’s professional figure formatting team. If the paper is rejected due to the figure format or quality of the figure, we will modify it for free.

*After you submit the following form, we will ask our figure formatting experts to assess the difficulty and workload of your project.

Service Pricing Chart

Figure Preparation Service
Contents Time Price
Format editing of figures/charts 2 business days $60/picture
Production of high-resolution diagrams 3 business days $80/picture
Construction of charts (bar graphs, line charts, scatter plots, etc.) 3 business days $80/picture
Flowchart and schematic diagrams 2-5 business days TBD

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